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LASIS serves as the primary distributor of Talkaphone in Nigeria. Talkaphone is the security industry’s leading designer and manufacturer of security and life safety communication products and solutions for customers all over the world. Talkaphone combines world-class communication products with cutting-edge technology to provide superior performance, safety and value.


For more than 80 years, Talkaphone has designed and developed reliable, flexible communication systems installed at facilities around the world using products that can easily be integrated into existing systems and customized to meet the unique demands of your application or environment.


Talkaphone’s entire line of high-performance, ADA-compliant communication systems integrates with wireless devices, CCTV, access control and other life-safety systems as part of a total security solution in markets such as: 

  • Healthcare: To issue timely warnings in case of an emergency.

  • Corporate Facilities: To protect building’s critical infrastructure, but also its employees and visitors.

  • Education: To protect the safety of students, staff and other visitors while giving parents the peace of mind that comes with total security.

  • Mass Transit: To provide for the safety and protection of travelers, but also account for incidents at various, and often remote, parking facilities.

  • Shopping Facilities: To effectively respond to activities such as minor medical emergencies, lost children, shopper altercations and even homeland security issues.

  • Airports: To provide riders with a way to quickly and easily report problems and obtain information. Travelers in need of assistance at remote parking facilities can rely on Talkaphone emergency communication and information phones to report misplaced or stolen vehicles, request towing or minor maintenance assistance (i.e., dead battery, flat tire) as well as to report a medical emergency or even suspicious activity.

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