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While a big event may be the highlight of your year, large groups of people can quickly swarm out of control without the proper planning. At festivals and concerts, especially when alcohol is involved, even the most careful of events may encounter a medical crisis or two. That’s why we, at LASIS, provide emergency response personnel for Private Events, helping to ensure your gathering stays a happy and safe occasion.

Our emergency response personnel for Private Events help keep your guests safe and unharmed in the case of a medical emergency. All of our emergency response personnel are trained in not only basic first aid, but also dealing with more advanced medical emergencies.

They are trained to deal with large crowds and potentially hazardous situations. In addition, they are helpful for smaller incidents, like guests with non-life-threatening cuts and bruises or allergic reactions. While everybody hopes their event does not play host to a medical emergency, things do happen. Be fully prepared and speak with LASIS for security services that work seamlessly with emergency response personnel to ensure that your event goes smoothly.

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