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LASIS security personnel operate in several locations across multiple industries in Nigeria. We recruit, train, equip and deploy personnel to provide service, safety and security based on our customers' specific needs. The job of a security guard is to guard, patrol, and monitor areas to prevent theft, damage, violence, and other unlawful conduct.  He/she is a professional who is not employed as a police officer or private investigator that performs one or more of these duties:

  • Protection of persons and/or property from harm, theft, and/or unlawful activity

  • Deterrence, observation, detection, and/or reporting unlawful or unauthorized activity

  • Response to, but not installation or service of, a security system alarm

Whether you are securing a manufacturing facility, university, commercial space, wedding or transporting personnel from one region to another, we can provide the right security risk management solution for you. Our scale and focus on productivity and efficiency support our cost competitiveness and continued investment in our professional staff and technology. This enables us to provide innovative and reliable solutions for customers on a stand-alone or integrated basis.


Sectors where we offer Specialized Guarding Services include:

  • Retail

  • Real Estate

  • Oil and Gas

  • Government

  • Special Events

  • Leisure and Tourism

  • Educational Institutions

  • Transport and Logistics

Contact us to find out about how we can serve you to meet your needs.

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