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The Daily Problems Access Control Managers Face

  • Security: Theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access​​

  • Cost: Replacing or re-keying locks is expensive

  • Operational Inefficiencies: Time is wasted keeping manual records

  • Visibility: No visibility as to who, when, and where locks are being accessed

  • Compliance: Paperwork isn't completed or gets lost in the process

  • Key Management: Keys get lost and unauthorized copies are made

Benefits of nokē

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Security: Bluetooth smart encryption technology

  • Cloud-based Key Transfer: Keys are stored on secure servers to prevent compromising sensitive data

  • Cryptographic Key Protocol: Keys are assigned based on permission levels and used to encrypt all communication to and from the lock

  • Third-Party Testing: The nokē system has passed rigorous third-party testing

  • End to End Encryption: Double secured transmissions using end-to-end 128-bit AES encryption

  • Custom Security Layer: Additional custom-built encryption protocol prevents Bluetooth replay attacks

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